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Specialists in Machine Vision & Robotics

ControlVision specializes in supplying machine vision and robotic technologies to manufacturers, integrators and OEMs. Combining best-in-class products with applications engineering know-how, ControlVision provides state-of-the-art solutions in advanced automation.

Established in 2003 out of the need for world-class machine vision solutions for New Zealand manufacturers, and with a reputation for tackling challenging applications, ControlVision is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a network of Solution Partners throughout Australasia.

Helping manufacturers raise the bar on quality & productivity

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Machine vision combines optics, lighting and computers with software capable of analysing real-world situations. In production situations, machine vision is used for quality control (Inspection Vision) track & trace and other smart sensing applications.

The principle drivers that justify investment in vision and robotics for manufacturers are: reducing the cost associated with maintaining quality (Cost of Quality); increasing productivity (yield) and efficiency; and in some cases, worker safety or even food safety.

We work with a network of Solution Partners who provide turnkey solutions to manufacturers. Our partners have industry-specific expertise and the localised support that manufacturers need and expect. Our own team of specialist engineers provide high-level support, in-depth product training and applications engineering assistance. For manufacturers and integrators our mission is to ensure that every installation is a success.


Best-in-class products for OEM machine builders and systems integrators

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For machine builders machine vision and robotic technologies make machines more flexible and adaptable. In many cases the equipment we supply becomes integral to the design of the machine or system, and can be a key enabler.

For OEMs working at the leading edge of machine design we know time-to-market is critical. Getting the right specialist assistance when you need it can make the difference between your product being a success, or missing the market.

We work directly with OEM customers in collaboration; providing the specialised skills - and in some cases project management expertise - they need to guide them through implementing vision/robotics projects.

Our customers

We have delivered solutions for a wide range of leading national and global companies, including:

BIC Chelsea Sugar Douglas Pharmaceuticals Fisher & Paykel FonterraFrucor GEA Lion Nestle Norske SkogRakon Sandvik Sealed Air Sistema Tip TopUnilever Villa Maria

To find out more about some of our specific applications, please visit our case studies page.